My first styled page


Welcome to my styled page!

It lacks images, but at least it has style. And it has links, even if they don't go anywhere…

There should be more here, but I don't know what yet.

Made 5 September 2015
by myself.

This my page

My name is Oscar Botello
I started at and this is my first time writing this i hope i finish in time I learned this at in wich this helps me learn things for my computer engineering dream wich helps me at becoming engineer and you can see more on my second page Visit my second page!

things about me:

  1. i am very hands on
  2. i like to learn
  3. i also enjoy getting lost in the road

things i like:

Smiley Old East Dallas I have now finished this at 4:39 5:04

For any furthur information about me please email me at